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It only takes a few minutes a day to Rewire our brain to automate weight loss, if and only if,

  • You actually want to lose weight
  • It is done correctly; and
  • And you do it every day.

Ready to get started; the first step is to request access to our online program. Any subscriber to our site can do this, simply fill out the short form below. If you haven’t yet subscribed goto to our home page and subscribe first.

We will notify you when you have been been allocated member status. Once done goto the “members” menu and complete your profile as best you can.

It is done correctly?

You will be contacted by an experienced Rewired Moderator to discuss your profile and answer any questions you may have. Moderators are experienced and will help you develop your first note to initiate the Rewiring process.

And you do it every day!

Then the moderator will place you in your online support group. Then each day write you note take a snap of it with your phone and post it to your support group timeline. It’s easier to be part of a team achieving goals than it is doing by ourselves. You can leave comments (of support to others) and the others will make sure you are reminded to post your note.

Your notes will change over time as parts of your lifestyle are rewired and automated and you work towards your weight goal and a healthier future. It only takes a few minutes a day to write and post the note.


Standard retail pricing is AU$500 (Australian dollars) for the first three months. $100 payable prior to the first discussion with the moderator and the balance of $400 prior to being allocated to your support group. The three months time frame starts from the date of support group allocation (their can be a waiting list for this step). Note these fees are not refundable and include Goods and Services Tax for Australian residents. After three months a monthly maintenance fee of $35/per month is payable in advance via direct credit card deduction. You can cancel this at any time.  Should some event cause you to “fall off the wagon” and you need a refresh after cancelling you can gre enter a maintenance program at which time the monthly fee will be reactivated. You will not be required to pay the initial amount again.