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The Rewired Weight Loss Online Program.

Rewired Weight Loss is a unique, supportive,  online weight loss program that focuses on the causes of weight gain over the symptoms. In a online group environment participants will learn and apply methods to modify their mind map habits from one that hinders to one that helps.

Each participant is allocated to a moderated private, online, supportive, closed group of between 8 and 10 people. Each participant is allocated one online buddy. Participants can choose to remain anonymous if they want to.

Group members are encouraged to support each other. Buddies are there not only for support, but also to provide accountability, commitment and monitor the short term goals set by their buddy in a supportive manner.

The moderator  looks over each group and is responsible for obtaining answers to group questions and offering suggestions that help members progress.

We do not tell tell what to eat and when to eat that’s up to you. We do provide “Food knowledge” which participants can use to construct their own eating habits, that they can live with forever in conjunction the “Rewiring” process. 

The Participants

Once accepted into the program there is an expectation of Participants to read all material provided to them, watch recommended videos, to be active in the group, and to be supportive.

Participants are required to complete an online comprehensive personal questionnaire. This information is used by us to tailor your program and place you in a group with compatible participants. No medical information is collected (ie existing medical conditions, medications etcetera). Only the website administrators and your groups moderator can view this information.

Participants are required to sign a pledge in essence promising that they will be;

  • Honest with themselves.
  • Honest with their group members and moderator, and
  • Honest with their buddy

Prior to joining the program you will also be asked to do some reading (or viewing) and answer some questions.

Part or all of the information above will be taken into consideration before acceptance into the program is granted. We really need to know you are committed to permanent weight loss and helping your buddy and group members to do so as well.

The Deal

The initial period is a 90 day plan, followed by an ongoing unlimited maintenance and update service. Participants can stay on the maintenance program forever if they wish.

An initial non refundable charge (paid in advance) covers the first 90 days; followed by a small monthly maintenance fee.

First In Best Dressed

The number of participants that can managed initially is restricted.

Persons who register their interest now in the program will be placed on a waiting list and offered the opportunity to participate in the program in order of receipt.

Register Your Interest Now

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