Why being fat is not your fault

“Weight gain is actually driven by unconscious decisions we are unaware of. So the best advice I can give is this; don’t blame yourself for being overweight.  It won’t help you lose it, and it’s not your fault” 

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Some People Are Overweight

And Others Aren’t

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What Should I Do To Lose Weight?

The answer is simple; eat less and exercise more. Or in other words go on a diet. This has been the expert advice for decades and has spawned a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry. But there is problem; in the vast majority of cases the diets just don’t achieve permanent weight loss.

The Rewired Program is a brand new approach to weight loss. It’s not about eating lettuce and exercising. Few can do that for the rest of their lives; and who would want to anyway!

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Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Why am I not seeing results?

Homeostasis is a fancy word for balance; and our bodies fight to maintain balance . . . . . . 


 The Monkey Food Experiment?

How good are monkeys at controlling their weight . . . . . 

Monkeys Vs Humans!

Monkeys don’t know that choices have future consequences . . . . . .