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Most Diets Fail

The article is right Junk Food does reprogram our brains to eat more. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are numerous and more relevant psychological and biological factors embedded deep in our subconscious that influence weight gain and inhibit weight loss. They are explained in our free eBook to subscribers of this site.

Other weight loss programs do not address the underlying causes of overeating, they mostly just describe what, how much, and when to eat. They eventually fail and weight is regained because it takes an enormous reserve of willpower to sustain them forever. Willpower just doesn’t work long term for most dieters. Here is one reason why!

No one wants to spend the rest of their lives using willpower to fight their eating desires, that just wouldn’t be much fun at all. But if our desires themselves are permanently altered via our brain rewiring techniques, then we don’t feel like we are missing out, and healthy eating becomes enjoyable, natural and easy to maintain.

Start with the book and we’ll help you take it from there should you choose to become a member.

A Weight Loss Book Without Recipes?

This book is a very short summary of the results of my personal research which began Easter 2003, and which I continue to this day.

This question to ask is this. Is a potential extra healthy day, week, year or years added to your life, worth an hour or so of your time today to read this book?

I hope you answer yes to this question, since then I will know my time spent researching and questioning the medical literature not only benefits me, but others as well. Glenn Sargent (Author)

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