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“Our current habits formed naturally over time, without effort, without strain and without the need for willpower.

Attempting to use willpower to change a habit is more likely to have an adverse rather than a beneficial effect!”

Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz

About Joining The Waiting List

You are about to add your name to the waiting list. You are not committed in any way by doing this, if you wish to be removed from the list just contact us, any data we have collected from you will be permanently deleted.

While on the waiting list you will learn more about the uniqueness of the Rewired Weight Loss program, be able to access restricted pages on our website and experience part of the induction program before making any financial commitment. You can opt out at any time, and any information we are holding about you will be deleted.

We will keep in touch as you progress through the list.

Thank you for joining the waiting list. We will do our best to help and encourage you to achieve your goals and experience the satisfaction of success.

First In Best Dressed

We do not have the human resources at this time to take all comers at once. Persons will be offered acceptance into the program in the date order of registration receipts. Hopefully that won’t be too long for you.


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